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Olympia dream

Italian designer FLAVIANA PASSANTE, who grew up in her family’s small workshop, became passionate about her grandmother’s and mother’s craftsmanship where she acquired manual techniques and learned to distinguish fabrics and lace. In 2019, she graduated from the Koefia Academy of Haute Couture and realized her dream of joining the company’s creative team. Success is immediate and the OLYMPIA Brand is recognized worldwide. Today Flaviana Passante, together with her mother Raffaella, creates OLYMPIA collections that excite from the first moment.



The collections comprise two lines that are complementary but with souls contrasting. OLYMPIA embodies the dream of a woman who is romantic yet at the same time strong. They favor essential textures and lines that caress the body with fluid and light movements. Of a completely different approach is DEA, a collection of dresses that describes itself in one word: sensuality. Its inspiration comes from current events and is meant to be an expression of a decidedly youthful mood.